VANY Comm. Lab LAUNCHED !!! ( I am moved ~ bye bye blogspot )

The new website URL is here : http://vany-online.com/


I hereby would like to announce that my design website has been finally finalized. I've hardly made the choice from lots of my concept sketches in this year (well you know , it is hard to make a decision when the thing is made for myself. )

The new website URL is here : http://vany-online.com/

I hope I could share some more experiments about information design or typographic issues in the future in the new home. When there are new articles uploaded , I will activate the RSS function too.

Though this new website has been tested for a week (okey I know it is not enough, so thats why...) , I would like to invite you to tell me anything from your mind after you experienced this new website. So , just tell me any comment , complaints or suggestion : ) (For those who facing technical problems, it'd be good if you can provide any print-screen captured pics)

For the another article homesite (previously located on http://vany-online.com/v6/ ) , I hope I would launch it within one or two months...uhhh hard to make a choice from those sketch lots... : p

From now on, this blog will be abandoned. Thank you guys for visiting in these years (ok I know...there should be no visitors in these years...sigh)

best regards,
Parnell Chan (aka Numerousak)



新網站網址 : http://vany-online.com/

時間關係沒有把近年關於information design或typographic issues的研究或創作整理上載。將來弄好上載時我會順便把網站的RSS設好的。

雖然較早前這個網站已經進入測試階段,但我不敢擔保這個新站設得完美無遐的。所以,有甚麼意見,即管說。有甚麼技術上問題,更請你附上cap圖告之。不喜請插 : p

至於另外一個文字為主的網站,我希望能在一兩個月內完成 (嗯嗯....要作抉擇還真的很難...)

因應vany-online.com重開,此部落將永久荒廢,特此感謝各位長期支持 (有咩...?)

best regards,
Parnell (aka 塞米)

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