Why Blogger

(the following are in simliar meaning in both Cantonese and English)

I am actually not really interested to have a blogger, though, i quite appreciate the blog be a popular thing, not only because its good looks and good servers, but also because it really encouraged everyone to write, to share and to discuss. The only reason I have to get one is, the course I am studying requires.

At here, I will post some ideas about design theory and art history I have thought, and would like to see if there is anyone want to open a topic. If there is, just tell me and let me try to have a review.

Recently I've got a project about Theo van Doesburg, and thinking of ways to know about the background of his design philosophy and especially the formation of avant-garde magazine De Stiji.

我一直都對"部落格"沒有太大的好感。但我又不得不認同這個事實:正因為部落格的出現,打破了online diary的悶局,部落格的系統比較完善,不用老是面對中文經常出亂碼的xxxga或是server常當掉的pchome,也比較user-friendly,因此而鼓勵了更多人去寫。認識我的都知道我一向有做網站,沒有弄blog的必要,至於本人突如其來殺出了一個blog的原因只有一個:外界因素──design theory那科的tutor要求的。


最近我在做research,關於Theo van Doesburg的。

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